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Collector Interview #1: Card collector and KT Wiz fan, Justin

I wanted to get the thoughts of my friend Justin who I met on the MyKBO Facebook group before meeting him in person at a KT Wiz game in Suwon, Korea in 2015. We were able to meet up a few times including a LG game before he moved back to the States when his tour was up this past March. Justin has a Facebook page of his own called Charm City Autographs. He has a wide variety of autographed cards, many from his time here in Korea

KC: If I recall correctly, I think you told me you served three different tours in the Air Force in Korea?

JS: Correct, I was stationed at Kunsan Air Base in 2003-2004, 2009-2010 and Osan Air Base 2016-2017.

KC: When did you get into collecting autographs and memorabilia?

JS: The earliest I can remember getting autographs was when I was about five or six years old. Where I grew up in Maryland we had a minor league baseball team, the Hagerstown Suns, so I would go there quite often since it was such a small town with not much to do. As I've gotten older, my collecting tastes have changed and I've started to collect more game used/team issued items.

KC: Ok, so you've served three tours in Korea. What did you think of the country and did you get a different taste of the country with each visit?

JS: Each tour was totally different than the other, but the one constant was that I always loved Korea. During my first visit I never knew that the KBO existed. I had gotten autographs from Korean players Song Seung-Jun, Bong Jung-Keun & Jae Seo in America while they were playing minor league baseball but I never thought about whether there was an actual league in Korea. During my first tour I was able to go on a trip to a Kia Tigers game that the air base hosted. During my second trip I was able to go to another Kia Tigers game and during my 3rd tour it was pretty much "game on" for me when it came to the KBO. Every time that I've been stationed in Korea I've been amazed at how quickly the country has grown.

KC: What did you like the most about Korea? And the least?

JS: It's hard to narrow it to one thing that I liked the most about Korea. The accessibility to the KBO players and their generosity was definitely awesome! I love how easy & affordable it is to travel around the country. All the sporting events are super affordable as well so that was a plus for me. I'm a huge fan of the food and being able to take whatever you want into games. I'd love to be able to take my kids back one day and introduce them to all the amazing people that I met during my time in Korea. The thing that I disliked the most was probably how crowded the subway & buses would be, I'm pretty tall compared to Koreans so public transportation could be uncomfortable for me at times.

KC: What made you become a KT Wiz fan?

JS: The way that I became a Wiz fan is kinda funny. Going over there I didn't really have a KBO team, but being from Maryland, I am a huge Orioles fan and at that time Kim Hyun-Soo was with the Orioles so I figured that I would cheer for his old team, the Doosan Bears. I had gone to Jamsil to see the Bears play and I figured that I would be able to get a Kim Hyun-Soo jersey in my size, but the Bears didn't makes jerseys in my size so that pretty much ended my rooting interest in the Bears. With the Wiz playing in Suwon and being so close to the air base, I ended up going to Suwon the most out of all the stadiums so that pretty much cemented the Wiz as my team. Plus they actually had jerseys that would fit me and I could wear so that was icing on the cake for me.

KC: Lee Dae-hyung is easily the most popular KT Wiz player. What made him your favorite player?

JS: Picking Lee Dae-Hyung as my favorite player is actually a funny story too. I went to the Wiz team store during my first game in Suwon and I found the only Korean working in the team store that could speak English. I asked her about jerseys and she suggested an Andy Marte jersey, I assume it's because Andy and I were both foreigners, but I wanted a jersey of an actual Korean player. I asked the lady working there who she would suggest and she told me Lee Dae-Hyung, she told me that he was very popular and handsome, lol. So I buy the jersey and I'm wearing it around before the game started and I have no idea who Lee Dae-Hyung actually is so when the lineups are being announced and I see this guy run out onto the field with a shiny metallic gold glove and cleats I thought to myself, well he's certainly confident lol. I remember that he started off the season pretty slow as far as his hitting was concerned and my friends would give me a hard time about wearing his jersey since he was in a slump. As I watched Lee Dae-Hyung play more and more, I really began to appreciate the way he played the game, you don't see very many players like that in MLB and the rest as they say is history.

Justin getting an autograph from a SK Wyverns player.

KC: Based on what you own and have seen, what do you like and dislike about baseball cards in Korea?

JS: I would have to say that the part I liked most about Korean baseball cards was the rounded corners. I know that it may sound silly that that was my favorite thing but rounded corners made it a lot easier to keep the cards in mint condition if you wanted to get them graded or anything like that. Another thing that I liked was that the designs of the cards were different, I think that the Black Edition design was 100 times better than this years Topps design. There were a few things that I didn't like about the card releases though, the prices of the relic, autograph & insert cards on the secondary market was outrageous. I found it hard to spend 10,000 won on a certified autograph of a guy that had less than 50 at bats in the KBO. Another thing that I didn't like was how hard it was to actually find cards in stores. Unless you could find a brick & mortar store like we did or order them on line, you were pretty much outta luck. The last thing that I disliked was that it seemed like the player variety got a lot smaller in the newer releases. I would like to have seen more rookies like they did in the 2015 Super Star Season 1 release, those cards were pretty cool, especially the ones in the college uniforms.

KC: Which Korean set is your favorite and why?

JS: I'm not sure if you would consider this a set but the 2014 Cass Point release is my absolute favorite, the design is awesome and it reminds me a lot of the newer Diamond King releases in the states. I'm also a fan of the 2014 Season 2 & 3 All Star subsets as well. I like to get my cards signed and the autographs really pop on those cards. If I had to pick a favorite set, I would have to say that the Black Edition was my favorite set although I wasn't a big fan of the All Star subset.

KC: Do you have a single favorite Korean baseball card? If not one, name a few.

JS: I would have to say that my favorite card is the Lee Dae-hyung Baseball's Best Players Hell's Fireball clear card, that was the first card that I was able to get Super Sonic to sign for me.

Justin's autographed Lee Dae-hyung 2015 Baseball's Best Players Clear Card (PA001)

KC: Do you have any interesting stories about getting autographs from a player (regardless of league)?

JS: Even when I was in America, I was a fan of foreign players and would intentionally collect foreign players cards. Naturally I had a lot of MLB cards of Song Seung-Jun, Bong Jung-Keun, Choi Hee-Seop, Seo Jae-Weong, Ryu Jae-Kuk and those were the guys that I really wanted to meet when I got to Korea.

The first player on that list that I met was Ryu Jae-Kuk and I greeted him in Korean and he replied " Hey what's up" and I was just taken back a little cause I wasn't expecting his English to be that perfect. I ran into him a lot during the season and I also ran into him a couple times at SK Knights basketball games and he always took the time to talk to me which I really appreciated. I became a pretty big fan of his and actually bought an LG Twins jersey with his name on it and had him sign it for me.

The second guy from the list that I met was Bong Jung-Keun, I asked him for an autograph and without missing a beat he asks me in perfect English if I want the cards signed in Korean or English which I thought was pretty cool. I had so many of his cards and I felt bad constantly asking him to sign for me. I was never actually able to get his autograph while he was in America so I had about 10 years worth of cards to get signed and that wasn't even counting his KBO cards.

I have a pretty funny Hee Seop-Choi story, this was during the Seoul round of the WBC. Me and a couple of my Korean friends were trying to get autographs from the Netherlands, Israel & Chinese Taipei teams. So we were at the Express Bus Terminal and we seen this guy that looked like Hee Seop-Choi sitting on a bench waiting for a bus, we started walking around to see if it was really him and sure enough it was. Of course I had a stack of his cards with me cause it got to the point where I carried all my cards with me because I never knew who I was going to run into. I walked over to Hee Seop with my Korean friend and Hee Seop signed his KBO cards in Korean and his MLB cards in English.

I do have a pretty good Lee Dae-Hyung story, KT was playing either Doosan or LG at Jamsil, I can't remember which team it was. This game was on my birthday so I decided to spend the night in Seoul and I just so happened to be staying in the same hotel as the Wiz. I'm outside the hotel & the Wiz bus pulled up outside and I was trying to get some cards signed. I wasn't expecting to get Lee Dae-Hyungs autograph because he's a pretty tough signature to get due to his popularity. I'm standing outside and I feel someone tapping on my shoulder, I turned around & it was Lee Dae-Hyung, he says to me "Do you want my autograph?" I had a belly full of Hite so I was feeling pretty good and my response was an emphatic hell yeah! That was a pretty memorable birthday for me in Korea to say the least.

KC: I know your card collecting interest is wide-ranging. Do you prefer collecting MLB or other leagues?

JS: I would have to say that it's 50/50 when it comes to my collecting. I enjoy collecting minor league baseball cards in the States because I like to get the cards signed and it's usually easier to get a minor league card signed. I enjoy collecting NPB & CPBL cards because the designs are so different than what I'm used to seeing. The foreign leagues also include American players in their sets which the KBO doesn't anymore. Another plus with collecting foreign baseball cards is that when I get those cards signed, the players are really surprised to see them and a lot of times the player didn't even know that they existed.

KC: What would you tell those who have not explored cards outside of the US brands/MLB?

JS: My best advice would be to do your research for whatever cards you're trying to buy. I can't count how many hours I spent researching whether the KBO had cards or where I could buy them at. I would also say go to the ballpark and talk to people, most of the time you'll be able to find someone who knows if that league produces baseball cards.

KC: Finally, could you tell us how your KT video, and Suwon fame, came to be?

JS: I would have to say that my fame came about due to my passion for autographs. As you know and can attest to, the only people trying to get autographs as the players show up to the stadium are either, Korean women, Korean children or older Korean men, the players and the Koreans aren't used to seeing a six foot American with a stack of Korean baseball cards so you could say that I stood out.

My first couple of games at Wiz Park, I would sit in the outfield because they were the cheapest tickets and they were easiest for me to buy. I had seen the cheering sections but and I always wanted to sit there but I was timid at first because I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. After a couple games I finally got the courage to sit in the cheering section and participate in the cheers. Most of the time when you go to a KBO game, you'll see foreigners at the game, but I actually knew all the dance moves & the words to the cheers even though I didn't know what all the words meant.

One day I was on the Facebook page and I seen a post from the Wiz website on there that had my picture on it saying that they wanted to meet me. I got in contact with the Wiz and they told me that they wanted to interview me and film it, I didn't know it at the time , but I was the Wiz' first foreign super fan. After the video was made I figured that the video would be posted on the Wiz' website, I didn't realize that they showed it before every home game on the scoreboard until I was actually in the stadium early enough to see it. To say that seeing myself on the scoreboard was surreal would be an understatement.

I'd like to thank Justin for taking the time to complete this interview. Don't forget to check out his Charm City Autographs Facebook page.

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2017 NC Dinos Calendar Cards

I bought this about two weeks ago. It is the 2017 NC Dinos Calendar. The calendar comes with 13 cards,12 of which are NC players. These cards are postcard size and have images on both the front and back. There is no text on the back and unnumbered. I have added these to Trading Card Database and uploaded the checklist and cards here.

The calendar/cards was W18,000 on the NC Dinos online shop.

Keum-Kang Choi
Seon-Guk Kim
Tae-Gun Kim
Hee-Dong Kwon
Ho-Jun Lee
Jong-Wook Lee
Chang-Min Lim
Sung-Bum Na
Min-Woo Park
Suk-Min Park
Si-Heon Son
Jong-Hyun Won

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Five free Blue Edition packs and wow!

I received free packs of cards with purchases of some boxes from a seller and wow! I was not expecting these! Plus two Lee Seung-yuop cards.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back in Time: 2014 Season One Box Breaks

I decided to buy a few boxes of Season One from 2014. My virgin set coming to Korea. I wanted to get more Big Star cards as I don't have an outlet to buy them individually anymore. This time around, I recorded it and kept each pack in a separate pile until I went through them. This is what I came up with and I have embedded the video breaks.

Box #1
20 packs
120 cards
109 N, 4 Big Star, 6 All Star, 1 Super Star
Duplicates: 1 Big Star, 48 Normal

Box #2
20 packs
120 cards
109 N, 4 Big Star, 6 All Star, 1 Super Star
Duplicates: 1 Big Star, 46 Normal

Monday, September 25, 2017

2017 Samsung Lions Seung-yuop Lee 5 Best HR

Since Lee Seung-yuop will be retiring after the season, the Samsung Lions issued a set of five cards commemorating his 5 best home runs.

Each card is being given away on a specific date leading up to his final game on October 3, 2017. The five cards precede his final game. These cards are unnumbered but do have a red stamped number on the back which is for a prize giveaway during each of these games for three various prizes: Lee Seung-yuop bobblehead, Lee Seung-yuop Spyder brand cleats and a commemorative Lee Seung-Yuop Wilson glove.

Card NNO #1:
Release date: 09/16/17

In the 2002 Korean series, the Samsung Lions were facing the SK Wyverns in Game 6 and leading the series 3-2. Trailing 9-6 in the bottom of the 9th, Lee Seung-yuop hits a 3-run home run to tie the game. The next batter, Ma Hae-Young would hit a solo homer to win the championship.

Card NNO #2:
Release date: 09/17/17

Lee would clobber 56 home runs in 2004 (also hit 54 in '99) breaking the Asian single-season record previously held by three NPB players, Sadaharu Oh ('64), Tuffy Rhodes ('01) and Alex Cabrera ('02). He would hit .323 and knock in 123 RBIs that year. In 2013, the record would be broken by Wladimir Balentien of the NPB who hit 60 homers. Per Wikipedia, in 2013 the NPB had introduced livelier "juiced" baseballs that later forced three-term commissioner Ryozo Kato to resign.

Card NNO #3:
Release date: 09/21/17

Trailing Japan 2-1 in the 8th inning of the first round match up in the 2008 WBC, Lee Seung Yeop comes to bat with a runner on and hits a 2-run HR off Japan's Hirotoshi Ishii who left an off-speed pitch up. They would beat Japan again in the second round but were forced to play them a third time and lose to them in the Semi-Finals. Lee would be named to the All-WBC team.

Card NNO #4:
Release date: 09/22/17

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics semi-final game, Japan and Korea were tied in the 8th 2-2 when Lee Seung-Yeop came to bat with Lee Yong-Kyu on first. He proceeds to hit a 2 HR to put Korea ahead for good. Korea would go on to win that game 6-2 and then beat Cuba in the finals by a score of 3-2, giving them the gold medal.

Card NNO #5:
Release date: 09/27/17

In the 7th inning of a game against the Hanwha Eagles, Lee hit his 450th home run off reliever Song Chang-sik. Lee has hit at least 20 HRs in 12 of his 15 KBO seasons. He currently sits at 465 HR with three games remaining before retiring.

You can see video here

I have uploaded that checklist and images here: TCDB.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Interviewed by a Korean card collector

I forgot to mention this several months back. I'm on a Korean baseball blog café and one of the member wanted to interview me about collecting Korean cards. Here is the interview: Interview

Friday, September 8, 2017

Update #3: 2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack set

Hello everyone,

I've been exchanging emails with the printer and they said everything looks good and I made payment. WE ARE A GO! The price is a little cheaper than originally thought. The sets will be numbered to 20 and handwritten in pen.

Now the pricing below includes the (1) set print cost, (2) shipping to my friend, (3) cost of 50 card plastic case, and (4) shipping to you. All of you pay the same for #1 #2 #3, outside of U.S. pays more for #4.

For those of you in the US: $20 shipped (PayPal gift please)

For those of you outside US but not Korea: $30 shipped (PayPal gift please)

For those of you in Korea: $33 shipped (PayPal gift please) but bank transfer is acceptable too at W37,000) This includes double shipping to me then to you to make it easier for my friend.

As payments are confirmed, I will update the list below with "paid" next to your initials. Currently there are 6 sets available from the 20.

Reservation List
1. DS (paid)
2. TS (paid)
3. JP (paid)
4. DM (paid)
5. JS (paid)
6. JB (paid)
7. GS (waiting)
8. RS (paid)
9. JM (paid)
10. RP (paid)
11. PB (not paid)
12. NT (paid)
13. GF (paid)
14. RG
15. MC (not paid)
16. RS (paid)

I am in the process of designing the 2017 set with an 80s vibe. I have to wait until the regular season is over so I can use the stats for the back of the cards. I think this next 2017 set should run about the same price, maybe cheaper.

Thanks for everyone's interest in the set and giving me more inspiration.



Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 Samsung Lions Lee Seung-Yuop bobblehead

Thanks to my friend John who notified me last night, I went to the team shop and picked up the Lee Seung-Yeop bobblehead. The cost of the bobblehead was 22,000 KRW (~$18 USD). While the bobblehead has a horrible resemblance of Lee, I was going to buy it regardless to go along with the statue I bought of Lee last year.





Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Update #2: 2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack set

I was notified that my aspect ratios are slightly off for my designs but they edited them so that I don't have to edit all 96. But I found some spelling errors I need to fix. Release pushed back a little. Thanks, Dan

Monday, August 28, 2017

Update #1: 2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack set

Because I was getting flaky responses from the previous printing company I was talking with, I am now dealing with a new company. I uploaded my PDFs to them and am waiting to hear back. Remember, the price I am charging includes the price of the printing, shipping to me/then to you, plus the cost of the 50 count plastic storage box. This price might slightly decrease or increase depending what I hear back from them.

Also, I have just added two more cards to the set. These cards will be "League Leaders," now making it a 48 card set.

I'll keep you updated once I hear more.


2017 Blue Stars Bingo Player Cards (Samsung Lions)

This is the first time I've collected cards that were given away at a baseball stadium. This 2017 Samsung Lions set is made up of 30 cards total, one card being a Lucky Blue card related to the bingo game. These cards were randomly given away at the game after you entered the stadium. The cards were given away from July 21 - August 30.

The cards are numbered on the front with jersey number. All cards have the same back with rules of the bingo game. The fronts are also similar with the exception of Seung-yeop Lee's #36 card, which includes a hologram look. At the moment I have 29 of the 30 cards. Sadly, I had to give up the Lucky Blue card (a beater I received in a trade with a kid) for a Han-Yi Park card I was searching for. My friend John is a season ticket holder and was able to acquire the set plus others, which he traded me for my upcoming foreigner set. We believe the Lee card is a short print.

This set incudes all three foreigners on the Lions this year: #23 Anthony Ranaudo, #35 Zach Petrick, #50 Darin Ruf.

I have uploaded the set here: 2017 Blue Stars Bingo Player Cards

NOTE: I am posting this with one or to more games to attend this week to try and acquire the Lucky Blue card (NNO) to complete the set.

#25 Young-Seop Bae

#23 Anthony Ranaudo

#35 Zach Petrick

#50 Darin Ruf

#36 Seung-Yeop Lee

#NNO Back with game rules

Admittedly, I can be a bashful person but last night I was walking around the stadium looking for people willing to trade or sell their cards. Sometimes I'd see a kid with a stack of cards and I'd be like "Wow!" and try to trade with him. I keep these cards in semi-rigids and I had extra holders. I was even able to trade the semi-rigids 1 for 1 for a player card because they don't sell them here in Korea. I'm anxious because I really want the Lucky Blue card so I can complete the set in full. Hopefully I can acquire it tomorrow night at the game, the final day of the card giveaway is Wednesday, the 30th. I may try to go Wednesday to acquire additional cards or search for the Lucky Blue if I don't find it Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack card set

Dear fellow KBO card enthusiasts,

Later this month, I am planning on ordering a custom-made (in English) 46 card KBO foreigner set which includes all 41 foreigners who appeared during the 2016 KBO season, plus 4 mvp cards and a checklist card. There will be 20 sets printed. They will first be available to those I know personally, the rest will be first come first serve. I will update a list at the bottom of this post.

Each set, which I will place in a 50 card clear plastic box, will run $23 (paypal gift) shipped to your US address. Overseas may cost about $30 and take a little longer. This per set price, if all sets are sold from the order, will make up the cost I am paying for printing/shipping.

A 2017 set is in the works.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, please reply with your name and mailing address. If you are in Korea, a bank transfer is acceptable later. Assuming everything goes smoothly with this order, I will email you later with my Paypal address/NH bank account.

Here are the three types of cards:

Base card:

MVP card:




Reservation List
1. DS
2. TS
3. JP (paid)
4. DM
5. JS
6. JB (paid)
7. GS
8. RS
9. JM
10. RP (paid)
11. PB
12. NT
13. GF
14. RG

Thursday, June 29, 2017

2000 Lotte Giants Phone Cards / 2000년 롯데 자이언츠 전화 카드들

I acquired seven of these cards in a lot on an eBay auction months ago that Dave or Jason told me about. I then found an older Korean gentleman here in Korea who sold me the three I was missing.

I identified some of these players by their uniforms and some by their 1999/2000 Teleca cards, since those cards listed jersey numbers. Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환) #75 was not in either set but I posted this card on a Korean café blog and others chimed in to as who he was. I checked Naver and found that he wore #16 with Hanwha after his time with Lotte. It appears his Giants teammate, Jung-Tae Park (정태박) #16, made him wait longer to change the number.

Since these are phone cards, there are no card numbers but I will be adding a checklist to TCDB soon using the jersey numbers. The cards have facsimile autos. I believe there are only 10 cards in all in this phone card "set" so I will display them all here, plus a back. Please let me know if I am missing any, or a lot, of cards for this release.

#0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)

#3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)

#12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)

#16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)

#17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)

#27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)

#28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)

#30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)

#49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)

#75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)

Back (뒤)

0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)
3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)
12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)
16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)
17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)
27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)
28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)
30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)
49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)
75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1998 Pro Baseball Stickers / 1998 프로 야구 스티커스

This post has been a long time coming because I picked up these stickers months ago. For those of you may not know, foreigners were first accepted into the league in 1998, so this may very well be the first appearance of them on any Korean sets. I do not know of any card sets in 1998, so the first actual foreigner cards appear in the 1999 Teleca set.

These are mini stickers that measure 6cm (2.36") on the long side. This complete set list is numbered to 289 but because some player stickers are paired with the same number, the set is actually 304 stickers. I uploaded the set, checklist and stickers (I have) to here.

Each team has about 32 players, including any paired players. There are also five different symbols on some of the stickers. I am not positive what they mean but I can fathom some guesses. Those guesses are under each sticker image below.

I believe I'm missing some star players who may be on some of these variations. I will update this list as necessary.

Base stickers - These make up the majority of the set. The player image, name (in Korean) and team logo
are represented.

Backs - Each back has a baseball term in Korean, such as hook-sliding and double header, and all look the same.
Because the shiny stickers are made of a foil, the backs are darker and the sticker stiffer.

Shiny stickers - I believe these might represent the best player on the team. Because of the foil material used to
make this sticker, the backs are generally darker and stiffer. These stickers are not paired players and are one
per team, so there should be eight in total.

Dae-Jin Lee
Byung-Kyu Lee
Jae-Hong Park
Hyung-Gwang Joo
Haitai Tigers
LG Twins
Hyundai Unicorns
Lotte Giants

Gold Stars - Like the shiny, I think these also represent stars on the team but these are paired stickers,
with the exception of #289.

Soo-Keun Jung
Min-Ho Kim
Soong-Yong Lee
Kwang-Lim Kim
Ji-Chul Park
OB Bears
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hyundai Unicorns
Lotte Giants

Green Baseball - I believe these are for the best pitchers

Jung-Soo Kim
Kang-Chul Lee
Joong-Sik Park
Sang-Yeop Kim
Myung-Hwan Park
Sang-Jin Kim
Woong-Chun Cho
Min-Tae Chung
Haitai Tigers
Haitai Tigers
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
OB Bears
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hyundai Unicorns

Yellow Bat - I believe these are for the best hitters

Ho-Sung Lee
Hoon-Jae Choi
Jae-Hyun Kim
Jae-Hak Sim
Joon-Hyuk Yang
Dong-Joo Shin
Dae-Ik Kim
Eung-Kuk Kim
Haitai Tigers
Haitai Tigers
LG Twins
LG Twins
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
Lotte Giants
Lotte Giants

Blue Glove - I believe these are for the best defensive players.

Ji-Hyun Yoo
Myung-Suk Cha
Won-Hyung Kim
Sung-Bo Shim
LG Twins
LG Twins
Ssangbangwool Raiders
Ssangbangwool Raiders

Foreigners - There are a total of 10 foreigners in this set:

Mike J. Anderson
Scott Baker
Jose Parra
Tyrone Woods
LG Twins (coach)
LG Twins
Samsung Lions
Samsung Lions
OB Bears
Edgar Caceres
Scott Coolbaugh
Joel Chimelis
Mike Busch
Doug Brady
OB Bears
Hyundai Unicorns
Hanwha Eagles
Hanwha Eagles
Lotte Giants