Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack card set

Dear fellow KBO card enthusiasts,

Later this month, I am planning on ordering a custom-made (in English) 46 card KBO foreigner set which includes all 41 foreigners who appeared during the 2016 KBO season, plus 4 mvp cards and a checklist card. There will be 20 sets printed. They will first be available to those I know personally, the rest will be first come first serve. I will update a list at the bottom of this post.

Each set, which I will place in a 50 card clear plastic box, will run $23 (paypal gift) shipped to your US address. Overseas may cost about $30 and take a little longer. This per set price, if all sets are sold from the order, will make up the cost I am paying for printing/shipping.

A 2017 set is in the works.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, please reply with your name and mailing address. If you are in Korea, a bank transfer is acceptable later. Assuming everything goes smoothly with this order, I will email you later with my Paypal address/NH bank account.

Here are the three types of cards:

Base card:

MVP card:




Reservation List
1. DS
2. TS
3. JP (paid)
4. DM
5. JS
6. JB (paid)
7. GS
8. RS
9. JM
10. RP (paid)
11. PB
12. NT
13. GF
14. RG

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