Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Update #2: 2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack set

I was notified that my aspect ratios are slightly off for my designs but they edited them so that I don't have to edit all 96. But I found some spelling errors I need to fix. Release pushed back a little. Thanks, Dan

Monday, August 28, 2017

Update #1: 2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack set

Because I was getting flaky responses from the previous printing company I was talking with, I am now dealing with a new company. I uploaded my PDFs to them and am waiting to hear back. Remember, the price I am charging includes the price of the printing, shipping to me/then to you, plus the cost of the 50 count plastic storage box. This price might slightly decrease or increase depending what I hear back from them.

Also, I have just added two more cards to the set. These cards will be "League Leaders," now making it a 48 card set.

I'll keep you updated once I hear more.


2017 Blue Stars Bingo Player Cards (Samsung Lions)

This is the first time I've collected cards that were given away at a baseball stadium. This 2017 Samsung Lions set is made up of 30 cards total, one card being a Lucky Blue card related to the bingo game. These cards were randomly given away at the game after you entered the stadium. The cards were given away from July 21 - August 30.

The cards are numbered on the front with jersey number. All cards have the same back with rules of the bingo game. The fronts are also similar with the exception of Seung-yeop Lee's #36 card, which includes a hologram look. At the moment I have 29 of the 30 cards. Sadly, I had to give up the Lucky Blue card (a beater I received in a trade with a kid) for a Han-Yi Park card I was searching for. My friend John is a season ticket holder and was able to acquire the set plus others, which he traded me for my upcoming foreigner set. We believe the Lee card is a short print.

This set incudes all three foreigners on the Lions this year: #23 Anthony Ranaudo, #35 Zach Petrick, #50 Darin Ruf.

I have uploaded the set here: 2017 Blue Stars Bingo Player Cards

NOTE: I am posting this with one or to more games to attend this week to try and acquire the Lucky Blue card (NNO) to complete the set.

#25 Young-Seop Bae

#23 Anthony Ranaudo

#35 Zach Petrick

#50 Darin Ruf

#36 Seung-Yeop Lee

#NNO Back with game rules

Admittedly, I can be a bashful person but last night I was walking around the stadium looking for people willing to trade or sell their cards. Sometimes I'd see a kid with a stack of cards and I'd be like "Wow!" and try to trade with him. I keep these cards in semi-rigids and I had extra holders. I was even able to trade the semi-rigids 1 for 1 for a player card because they don't sell them here in Korea. I'm anxious because I really want the Lucky Blue card so I can complete the set in full. Hopefully I can acquire it tomorrow night at the game, the final day of the card giveaway is Wednesday, the 30th. I may try to go Wednesday to acquire additional cards or search for the Lucky Blue if I don't find it Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2016 Vittum KBO Foreign Attack card set

Dear fellow KBO card enthusiasts,

Later this month, I am planning on ordering a custom-made (in English) 46 card KBO foreigner set which includes all 41 foreigners who appeared during the 2016 KBO season, plus 4 mvp cards and a checklist card. There will be 20 sets printed. They will first be available to those I know personally, the rest will be first come first serve. I will update a list at the bottom of this post.

Each set, which I will place in a 50 card clear plastic box, will run $23 (paypal gift) shipped to your US address. Overseas may cost about $30 and take a little longer. This per set price, if all sets are sold from the order, will make up the cost I am paying for printing/shipping.

A 2017 set is in the works.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, please reply with your name and mailing address. If you are in Korea, a bank transfer is acceptable later. Assuming everything goes smoothly with this order, I will email you later with my Paypal address/NH bank account.

Here are the three types of cards:

Base card:

MVP card:




Reservation List
1. DS
2. TS
3. JP (paid)
4. DM
5. JS
6. JB (paid)
7. GS
8. RS
9. JM
10. RP (paid)
11. PB
12. NT
13. GF
14. RG