Thursday, June 29, 2017

2000 Lotte Giants Phone Cards / 2000년 롯데 자이언츠 전화 카드들

I acquired seven of these cards in a lot on an eBay auction months ago that Dave or Jason told me about. I then found an older Korean gentleman here in Korea who sold me the three I was missing.

I identified some of these players by their uniforms and some by their 1999/2000 Teleca cards, since those cards listed jersey numbers. Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환) #75 was not in either set but I posted this card on a Korean café blog and others chimed in to as who he was. I checked Naver and found that he wore #16 with Hanwha after his time with Lotte. It appears his Giants teammate, Jung-Tae Park (정태박) #16, made him wait longer to change the number.

Since these are phone cards, there are no card numbers but I will be adding a checklist to TCDB soon using the jersey numbers. The cards have facsimile autos. I believe there are only 10 cards in all in this phone card "set" so I will display them all here, plus a back. Please let me know if I am missing any, or a lot, of cards for this release.

#0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)

#3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)

#12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)

#16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)

#17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)

#27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)

#28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)

#30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)

#49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)

#75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)

Back (뒤)

0 Pil-Sung Kong (공필성)
3 Dae-Ik Kim (김대익)
12 Sung-Woo Kang (강성우)
16 Jung-Tae Park (정태박)
17 Eung-Kook Kim (김응국)
27 Ki-Moon Choi (최기문)
28 Hyung-Kwang Joo (주형광)
30 Deuk-Yeom Ka (가득염)
49 Hae-Young Ma (마해영)
75 Dong-Hwan Moon (문동환)


  1. Were these cards used in public telephones like in Japan....when the call ended the phone punched a hole to show remaining time on the card? In the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a huge telephone card collecting boom in Japan. Hundreds of thousands of them were printed and they are still pretty expensive even today. Sumo wrestlers can seldom be bought for under ~Y500 or so. Are these still expensive in Korea?

  2. How was your trip? Are you back home?

    I'm not sure if these were used on public telephones/home land lines. I don't know about the hole punching. All of these cards are clean. If I learn more, I'll edit this post.

  3. Cool, thanks! We are living in Germany now. New adventures.

    Now that I look at the backs more closely, looks like they might not be the punching kind.