Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Lee Seung-yuop PSA mech errors. Before and After.

My friend Nathan sent me an email with photo attachments of my most recent mech(anical) eror sub correction of three Japanese cards. Mech errors refer to PSA slabs that have a typo or mistake on the label. I sent three cards to PSA that were mislabeled. One of them was missing the year (2011 BBM) and the other two (2004 Konami Prime Nine) were mislabeled as base but were actually parallels. I may have more Lee cards I want to send for label correction but not before I contact Beth at PSA who helped me with this order I'm talking about today.


The other mech errors I am hoping to correct would be BBM cards that have facsimile autos which PSA calls "facsimile foil" that I need corrected. Previously I might have called something a "signature" when I should have stated "facsimle foil." With the help of npccardguy giving me screen grabs of a Konami page from Baseball Magazine, I was able to give this information to Beth at PSA to better understand some Japanese verbiage.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Newest Lee Seung-yuop pickups (Part 1)

I have been looking for these cards for some time as they are very hard to find. I think there are seven total. One seller was selling four of the Giants Monthly cards. I won all four in seperate auctions. I was surprised I got them for as cheap as I dd. I paid $28.64 for all four. I only had one of these Giants Monthly cards which I had slabbed. I am pretty sure I labeled it as Yomiuri Giants Giants Monthly Magazine but PSA labaled it as Yomiuri Giants Victory Card, which I want changed to Giants Monthly because they came with the magazine.

July 2006

August 2006

September 2006

December 2006

This is the slabbed card, January 2007.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Recent BBM and newer Korean released Lee Seung-yuop pickups

This year has been a slow progression as I havent been able to find a lot of older Lee cards. In the last few months I have picked up some 2022 releases from the Bucky Nine Legend of Heritage and SCC Legend sets, but only the bases and parallels, still needing most of the expensive low serialed cards. There is a SCC Legend Galactic /10 for sale but the seller is wanting about 380,000 won ($293) for it, a bit more than I want to pay. I think I also saw the SCC Legend /1 for 1,500,000 won ($1,150).

Here are the 2022 Bucky Nine Legend of Heritage and SCC Legend base and parallels:

The reason I'm writing this post is for the following cards. BBM, the Japanese card company that established itself in 1991, often has facsimile signature parallel cards of a few different designs/colors. These are usally numbered /100, /50 and /25. The parallels can be Holo Foil Signature (usually /50), Red Signature (usually /25), Silver Signature (/100 or unnumbered) and Gold Signature (usually /100). As I mentioned, I havent seen these for sale, until last week. I did a search for Lee cards on Korean cafes and found one sale post that had multiple facsimile autos I needed. These were sold in lots, some of the cards I didnt need, some had one or two facsimile autos I needed, so I jumped on them RIGHT AWAY. What's strange/ironic is that the seller is someone who bought Lee cards from me before, I just didnt realize it was him until I messaged him with my interest and saw our previous conversation pop up. Here are the facsimile autos I needed and will be subbed to PSA for the Master Set Registry. They are from 2007, 2008 and 2010, all on the Yomiuri Giants.

2007 BBM Gold Signature #343 /100

2007 BBM Silver Signature #343

2008 BBM Yomiuri Giants Red Signature #G049 /25

2010 BBM Yomiuri Giants Gold Signature #G047 /100

2010 BBM Yomiuri Giants Red Signature #G047 /25

I'm thrilled to have picked up these 5 facsimile autos but there are still several more I need to buy that I didn't realize were made. I am working on a want list for that and will post it on my Instagram and Twitter to hopefully find someone who would sell me what I need.

Lastly, there are three Samsung Lions Lee Seung-yuop 3D cards were also in this purchase but I dont have their front and backs in an image together at the moment. They arent in the best condition but I had never seen them for sale, which was another reason I had to jump on this sales post. Maybe I will share them in another post later.

Friday, September 9, 2022

JCM 61: 1948 Young Player Back menko

For the illustrated menko sets released between 1947-1950, this might be my favorite. I love the art on both the fornt and backs. I love the different poses for the "young player" on the backs.

1234 Tokuji Iida

1844 Shigeyoshi Morishita

1905 Noboru Aota

2003 Tadayoshi Kajioka

2008 Kaoru Betto

2082 Torui

2663 Hiroshi Oshita

3602 Tamaichi Yasui

3608 Masayasu Kaneda

4001 Kazuto Tsuruoka (Yakamoto)

4019 Home Run

4378 Auto

5001 Masayasu Kaneda

5042 Zenzo Hasegawa

5302 Tetsuharu Kawakami

5555 Michinori Tsubouchi

5678 Nobuo Nakatani

6500 Jiro Noguchi

6519 Noboru Aota

6524 Seikan

7047 Seifu (safe)

7056 Takeshi Doigaki

7613 Tetsuharu Kawakami

8071 Michinori Tsubouchi

8507 Takao Misonoo

9001 Bozo Wakabayashi

9105 Tokuten

9199 Haruyasu Nakajima

9403 Kaoru Betto

9731 Fumio Fujimura

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Newest Lee Seung-yuop card received today

When I spotted the card online I had to have it right away. I overpaid for it for what it is but it's rare because I had never seen it before. The card I am sharing with you today is a 2005 Konami Prime Nine insert card called Super Player. This is different from every other Prime Nine card I have because this one does not have a generic logo back. In 2004 and 2005 Lee played for Chiba Lotte Marines of the Nippon Professioanl baseball (NPB/Japan). I believe Lee 's only Prime Nine cards are from those two years.

Here are some examples of the Prime Nine cards I already have. As you can see they all have the Prime Nine logo on the back.

Here is the 2005 Konami Prime Nine Super Player insert. As you can see it has images on both sides. As I mentioned above, I was very excited to pick this one up because I had have never seen it. This will get sent to PSA with many other cards I need to get graded for the Lee Master Set Registry.

One problem, I can't find any other 2005 Konami Super Player insert cards online to make a checklist to add to TCDB for PSA to see for ID purposes. UPDATE: Jason had already added these insert sets to TCDB. Here is the Second Edition CL