Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Off topic: Star Trek and baseball

I wanted to make a post for this because of how excited I am about it, although it's a few years old.

I'm a Star Trek fan and Deep Space Nine is my favorite series for various reasons. I met Avery Brooks a few times at conventions I attended in 2012 and 2013. At the first convention I bought a 8x10 at his desk to have him sign, but before the second convention I thought his character through some more and I brought a MLB ball to have him sign because his character was a huge baseball fan. I had him sign the ball with his name and his character's name. For a Star Trek souvenir, I thought it was tops...

Until this.. I'm a huge fan of baseball, a Trekkie, and love the episode, "In the Cards." I'm sure most of you know it. It's Season 5 Episode 25 where Jake is adament about buying the Willie Mays rookie card from an auction of Quark's. He and Nog weren't able to win the auction but after going through various obstacles they finally attain it and give it to Benjamin at the end.

Video clips of episode
Link 1
Link 2

So, to my story of how it happened. I'm not sure I can come up with a more creative idea (to me anyway) revolving around baseball and DS9. I bought the Willie Mays rookie card reprint, not realizing it was a mini, and joined the FB 50th Star Trek Con group and was able to find a fellow fan to get the autos of actors Aron Eisenberg and Cirroc Lofton for me! I mailed him the card, a protector, and a special marker for autos on cards. After getting the autos at the convention he sent the card to another friend who then sent it to PSA for authentication. Honestly, Im not sure I can top this idea for myself. Im so happy with this outcome. Here it is.

A PSA authenticated Aron Eisenberg and Cirroc Lofton signed 1986 CCC reprint of Willie Mays' 1951 Bowman rookie card. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2001 Teleca Game Cards

Unlike most Teleca sets at the time, this 2001 set was not sold in packs. These were sold by team in generic paper box sets. The only way to know what team it was in the box was to look at the back where there was a small window to see a partial logo of one of the teams. I had never seen these packaged before, only in their plastic wrap. I knew of most of the foreign players because I had been looking for this set for some time. This is also the only authorized Korean "game" set I know about.

There are eight teams total: Doosan Bears, Lotte Giants, Haitai Tigers, Hanwha Eagles, Hyundai Unicorns, LG Twins, Samsung Lions, and SK Wyverns. Each of these teams has 16-18 cards. These sets are unnumbered and have the players uniform number on the front. I used these numbers for the checklists on TCDB here. I was able to purchase these five teams for $60, including the Lee Seung-yuop which can sell for $20 raw. I know Koreans who are trying to sell these for $20-$50 per team.

To my knowledge, this is the last set of official cards to have foreigners, and the last set Teleca produced. This does not include any team sets issued since (i.e. Doosan's oversized team sets starting in 2011). I still need Haitai, Lotte and LG. These too will be hard to come by, and most likely expensive.

My scanner can't focus well on some items. This is an image of three sets in their boxes. You can see partial logos of teams inside the small window.

This is my best guess as to how play the game. I have never seen dice sold with anything related to this set but I am unsure what else the numbers 2-12 could mean. I also have never seen a boardgame sheet (like the 2014 Duael Ntreev Super Star set had). In Woods' case, his batting ability is 11 and his speed is 2. If you roll a 2-4, it appears you would be out(?), 5-6 would be a hit (안타), 7 is a double (2루), and 8-12 would be a home run (홈런).
In the case of ace pitcher Min-tae Jung, his pitching ability is 9, physical strength as 7. If you produce 2-5 strikeout, 6-7 groundball, 8 flyball, 9 foul ball, 10-12 is surrendering a hit.

Team mascots appear on the back of each player card

Seung-yuop Lee

Chang-yong Lim

Manny Martinez

Tyrone Woods

Mike Farmer

Min-ho Kim

Jin-man Park

Tom Quinlan

Min-tae Chung

Jin-young Lee

Tilson Brito

Sung-woo Kang

Jay Davis

Jae-ho Back

Kyu-soo Cho

I will now be in search of those three teams I need. I have a feeling it will be a while before I spot them, and probably not at an affordable price. It's a shame Teleca didn't stick around beyond 2001. I don't think any official Korean full-league sets were produced between 2002 and 2013. That's a long time to go without baseball cards! (Not counting the unauthorized 2010 set). By that time that bootleg set was released, seven years had passed with no sets being issued by anyone. Guess I'm grateful to whomever made them.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Determining year of Yomiuri Giants playing cards

This is more of a note for myself. I bought two Lee Seung-yuop playing cards a little while ago but just started researching them. I was unsure if they were from the same deck but they have the same back and assumed so. Lee played for the Yomiuri Giants from 2006-2010. I decided to look at the other players in the set I was able to determine in various pictures on websites as I do not have a deck in-hand.

Pitcher Hiroshi Kisanuki is on top of the wrapped deck, thus the only visible card (of wrapped deck). Looking at their roster, I see that he was not on the Giants in 2010 but was for the others years in question. So 2010 is out.

Another image I found was of Koji Uehara and Shinnosuke Abe. I knew Abe was on the team for many years (2001-2019) and was of no help. I knew Uehara played in the MLB but didn't know much else. I looked at his BR bio and it shows he was on the Giants from 1999-2008, he went to play for the Baltimore Orioles in 2009. Thus this card set cannot be from 2009.

So this leaves 2006-2008.

Lee had two different numbers while with the Giants. In his first year, 2006, he wore #33. In the other four years, 2007-2010, he wore #25. In this deck he is wearing #25.. so 2006 is out.

2007-2008 remain.

Looking at other images I've found online, it's too hard to determine the names or players on the rest of the cards. Can you help determine if this is a deck for the 2007 or 2008 Yomiuri Giants?

I am not sure when I will receive the deck in hand from my friend in Japan but wanted to determine ASAP because these two Lee cards will then need to be sent to friends in the US for a PSA submission.

UPDATE: A few hours after posting this, I think I figured it out. I zoomed in and saw a foreign player (#42) too light-skinned to be Marc Kroon. I looked up Kroon and he wasn't a Giant in 2007. I looked up the 2007 Giants roster and I saw Jeremy Powell listed with #42. He was on the Giants in 2006 and 2007 seasons. Kroon came to the team in 2008 so I'm sure this is a 2007 set and I will go with that.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2000 Teleca Korea Japen Super Game phone cards

You may already know about the 2000 Teleca '99 Korea Japan Super Game 46-card set which is a tough one to complete but I didn't know these phone cards, for the same game, existed until I saw them last week on a Naver sports card forum. NPBcardguy did a review on the card set here The images for both the card set and phone card set are the same but the designs are significantly different.


I picked up a batch of 10 but I do not know how many there are all together. I'd much prefer to buy these as a complete set but having never seen these before, I pulled the trigger and bought the ten phone cards. I have no idea how many there are. I would like to complete a full checklist so I can send the Lees for grading.

I do not own the following cards in the paper set thus they are not scanned and uploaded to the TCDB set but I was able to match up the players images to the checklist names:

This would match to be #KJ41 (Min-Ho Kim, Tetsuya Matoyama)

This would match to be #KJ44 (Min-Ho Kim, Joon-Hyuk Yang, Dong-Joo Kim)

The back of one of the phone cards

I am thinking of uploading these cards as a set to TCDB and insert any I find later.

Friday, February 8, 2019

1999 Teleca Seung-Yeop Lee Homerun Card set (55 cards) review

This review has been a long time coming because of the difficulty finding this set. The 1999 Teleca Seung-Yeop Lee Homerun Card set is a 55-card set commemorating the 54 home runs Lee hit in 1999. The set is serialed to /1999, the year of release. I uploaded the checklist and set images to Trading Card Database (TCDB) here: 1999 Teleca Seung Yeop Lee Homerun Card

I have seen this set being sold by Korean collectors (whom I believe over-value their cards) for W150,000-W200,000 along with a folder, but unsure if this folder came with initial give-away. I was able to trade for this set (bought for Y5500 in Japan) with my friend Jin in Japan, so I was able to save money. I traded him several cards of Korean players such as Bum-ho Lee, Byung-kyu Lee, Chang-yong Lim, Byung-hyun Kim as well as two plaques of SK Slugger Jamie Romak. He also traded me several of these players' Japanese cards. He has also purchased my custom sets and enjoys collecting cards and memorabilia of foreign players.

I believe the photo below of the folder for this set was given away at the same time as the cards, perhaps the cards were already in the pages. I will try to find out more. I have seen numerous sellers posting photos of this set with these folders so the folders must have been released with the set, not custom made by someone. Though, I could be wrong because the folder cover image appears to below low-resolution and on cheap paper, so they may very well be custom-made. I have also heard from a seller on eBay that the last four cards of the set, cards #51, #52, #53 and #54 were released after the initial 50 cards. All the cards in my set have the same serial number of #1057/1999, so I am unsure if this is true.

Low-resolution cover image for folder

Appears it was a smaller folder with 4-card pages

Of the 55 cards in the set, eight cards have a facsimile auto on them, including the title card. Signed his name and jersey number (36)

The backs include lots of great information, almost everything you would want to know. Each card is specific to the day each home run was hit along with what type of pitch was thrown (fastball, slider, forkball), how fast the pitch was (km), how far the ball (m) was hit, the count/outs and where it was hit. I specified on the card what each piece of information in Korean means.

I was excited to get these cards in hand and get them online in a checklist. I was very disappointed at the quality of these cards. The photos themselves and the feel of the cards I personally like, but the resolution isn't great, many with white blemishes/blobs, not physical damage on the card, but graphically. I am glad I have these uploaded to TCDB now but I am hesitant on getting them graded because these will not grade out very well. I don't know if I have a bad set or if they are all like this. My friend bought the set online and the set came in a plastic case, so it didn't come with a folder. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about. Again, not sure if I bought a bad set. If I did, I will look to buy a new, cleaner one that I may grade.