Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2001 Teleca Game Cards

Unlike most Teleca sets at the time, this 2001 set was not sold in packs. These were sold by team in generic paper box sets. The only way to know what team it was in the box was to look at the back where there was a small window to see a partial logo of one of the teams. I had never seen these packaged before, only in their plastic wrap. I knew of most of the foreign players because I had been looking for this set for some time. This is also the only authorized Korean "game" set I know about.

There are eight teams total: Doosan Bears, Lotte Giants, Haitai Tigers, Hanwha Eagles, Hyundai Unicorns, LG Twins, Samsung Lions, and SK Wyverns. Each of these teams has 16-18 cards. These sets are unnumbered and have the players uniform number on the front. I used these numbers for the checklists on TCDB here. I was able to purchase these five teams for $60, including the Lee Seung-yuop which can sell for $20 raw. I know Koreans who are trying to sell these for $20-$50 per team.

To my knowledge, this is the last set of official cards to have foreigners, and the last set Teleca produced. This does not include any team sets issued since (i.e. Doosan's oversized team sets starting in 2011). I still need Haitai, Lotte and LG. These too will be hard to come by, and most likely expensive.

My scanner can't focus well on some items. This is an image of three sets in their boxes. You can see partial logos of teams inside the small window.

This is my best guess as to how play the game. I have never seen dice sold with anything related to this set but I am unsure what else the numbers 2-12 could mean. I also have never seen a boardgame sheet (like the 2014 Duael Ntreev Super Star set had). In Woods' case, his batting ability is 11 and his speed is 2. If you roll a 2-4, it appears you would be out(?), 5-6 would be a hit (안타), 7 is a double (2루), and 8-12 would be a home run (홈런).
In the case of ace pitcher Min-tae Jung, his pitching ability is 9, physical strength as 7. If you produce 2-5 strikeout, 6-7 groundball, 8 flyball, 9 foul ball, 10-12 is surrendering a hit.

Team mascots appear on the back of each player card

Seung-yuop Lee

Chang-yong Lim

Manny Martinez

Tyrone Woods

Mike Farmer

Min-ho Kim

Jin-man Park

Tom Quinlan

Min-tae Chung

Jin-young Lee

Tilson Brito

Sung-woo Kang

Jay Davis

Jae-ho Back

Kyu-soo Cho

I will now be in search of those three teams I need. I have a feeling it will be a while before I spot them, and probably not at an affordable price. It's a shame Teleca didn't stick around beyond 2001. I don't think any official Korean full-league sets were produced between 2002 and 2013. That's a long time to go without baseball cards! (Not counting the unauthorized 2010 set). By that time that bootleg set was released, seven years had passed with no sets being issued by anyone. Guess I'm grateful to whomever made them.

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