Tuesday, June 22, 2021

2021 SCC KBO Rainbow set breakdown

Here is the breakdown for the soon-to-be-released (June 30th) 2021 SCC KBO Rainbow set. There is no base set, it's all parallels. Boxes will cost W150,000 ($138) and include one guaranteed auto and rookie parallel. Try searching here to buy a box online from Korea.

As you will see below, all players in this set will have an auto numbered to /24. Total players in the set is 199, E01 was removed from Hanwha, otherwise all teams have 20 players each, featured in the various parallels. This set will include Shin-soo Choo's first KBO card (SCC-21/S17). I will add these to TCDB when I hear back about the best way to upload sets that dont have a base set.

Foil Collection (135 different players)
/280 White Gold
/280 Aqua Blue

Coating Collection (134 different players)
/280 Flat (not Plate)
/280 Block

Rookie Parallel (10 different players)
/9 Red
/50 Orange
/100 Green
/150 Blue
/190 Violet

Limited Parallel (54 different players)
/90 Diamond
/150 Metal Sand
/220 Metal Fila (not Filler)
/280 Flash

Autographs (All 199 players)
/24 All players

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