Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2000 Teleca Korea Japen Super Game phone cards

You may already know about the 2000 Teleca '99 Korea Japan Super Game 46-card set which is a tough one to complete but I didn't know these phone cards, for the same game, existed until I saw them last week on a Naver sports card forum. NPBcardguy did a review on the card set here The images for both the card set and phone card set are the same but the designs are significantly different.


I picked up a batch of 10 but I do not know how many there are all together. I'd much prefer to buy these as a complete set but having never seen these before, I pulled the trigger and bought the ten phone cards. I have no idea how many there are. I would like to complete a full checklist so I can send the Lees for grading.

I do not own the following cards in the paper set thus they are not scanned and uploaded to the TCDB set but I was able to match up the players images to the checklist names:

This would match to be #KJ41 (Min-Ho Kim, Tetsuya Matoyama)

This would match to be #KJ44 (Min-Ho Kim, Joon-Hyuk Yang, Dong-Joo Kim)

The back of one of the phone cards

I am thinking of uploading these cards as a set to TCDB and insert any I find later.


  1. I wish phone cards weren’t so darn expensive as there are a ton of sumo cards I’d like to pick up.

  2. Hope you can complete the checklist!

    1. Thanks. I paid $5 ea for these, so $50 for 10 cards.. I haven't seen any other phone cards for this set other than the ones I have. I may just create the checklist so I can sub them to PSA (add more to the checklist if I find them).