Monday, May 1, 2017

2005 Hanwha Team Set / 2005년 한화 팀 세트

Although it is not complete, I was able to pick up this mostly complete 2005 Hanwha Eagles set. What's interesting about this set is that the names on the back are spelled in English but also have Chinese below the English names. I have yet to add this set to the Trading Card Database. I also noticed an error. All the player cards list 2005 as the year but the mascot/checklist card says 2005 on the ball in the upper right but at the bottom in the title of the set it shows 2000. The checklist seems to match the player cards for the 2005 roster so I will go with that.

I picked this up on a Korean blog café where Koreans buy, sell and show off what they have. I paid ~$20 and have some doubles even though the set isn't complete. Unfortunately I'm missing the fan favorite and KBO star Kim Tae-Kyun. The seller mentioned this was a commemorative set with the team's practicing in Japan. There is a checklist card with the Eagles mascot on the front and some unnumbered cards which have veterans and rookie cards.

Kwon Yung-keun (권영근) - base numbered card

Checklist with mascot

김인철 (Kim In-Chul) - unnumbered veteran

Yang Hoon (양훈) - unnumbered rookie


  1. It is a very interesting blend of languages with English, Japanese, and Korean for sure.

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