Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2014 Ntreev Duael Super Star Season One - Big Star

This was the first set I collected after moving to Korea in Jan 2014. I had bought a box or two and then searched for more information online and was thrilled to have found Dave's Japanese Baseball Cards blog and we discussed the set and have been buddies since.

At first I didn't think much of this set but it's become sentimental with my time here and I've come to like it more, especially the usage of the silver foil used in the short-printed Big Star cards. Admittedly, the card distribution for this set and others was rough and I'm still short a single card to complete the full set (#108). I had to trade for some of these Big Star cards.

The Big Star cards, which have the card number and name in silver instead of the base yellow, totaled 18 in the set, two per team. Card #016 is Hyun-Soo Kim's (김현수) first, non-team issued rookie card. Since this is the only league set released since the unauthorized 2010 Trading Card Set, this set will have rookies of many players, including Choi Hyoung-Woo (최형우), formerly of the Samsung Lions, now Kia Tigers.

I have uploaded the set to the Trading Card Database here.

#002 Hyoung-Woo Choi

#009 Sung-Hwan Yoon

#016 Hyun-Soo Kim

#024 Hee-Gwan Yoo

#037 Dong-Hyun Lee

#038 Jung-Geun Bong

#044 Taek-Geun Lee

#051 Sung-Lak Song

#058 Joon-Woo Jun

#065 Sung-Joon Song

#072 Jung-Gwan Park

#079 Hee-Sang Yoon

#085 Chang-Min Mo

#093 Jae-Hak Lee

#100 Jong-Kil Shin

#107 Hyun-Jong Yang

#115 Jin-Haeng Choi

#121 Chang-Sik Song

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