Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lee Seung-yeop 이승엽

I added a Lee Seung-yeop page as I will start a PSA registry set for him since he's my favorite Korean player. And having more players to collect helps gets rid of possible boredom only collecting one player. It will be located at the bottom of the menu.


  1. Are you planning on collecting/grading all of his cards, or just his Korean cards?

  2. I definitely will try to collect all of his cards that I can find but as for grading all of them, I'd love to but we'll see how far along I get. I can't imagine Lee comes anywhere close to the amount of cards Mattingly has in his Master Set registry.

    1. Oh, no question he won't come anywhere near Mattingly. At the moment, I can only account for around 200 cards of Lee, but more will surface as I finally get more of the inserts cataloged from the BBM sets. It will be great to see a great Korean player prominently represented in the registry!

    2. He may not have nearly as many as Mattingly but Im starting to realize how much harder they will be to acquire as Im you are already aware.

      Ive found some Korean sites with many different Lee Seung-yeop's but they appear to be blogs of people just showing what they own and arent for sale. Ill have to ask someone to help me make heads and tails of it. Maybe I can try to offer on them.