Thursday, November 24, 2016

2000 Teleca '99 Golden Glove set

Teleca produced various sets in 1999 and 2000. A few of the 2000 sets were a review of events during the '99 season. These included the Korea '99 Japan set and the '99 Golden Glove set. The latter set has 10 cards and includes two foreign players, Felix Jose and Dan Rohrmeier. The foreign Korean card pioneer Thomas St. John is credited for the Felix Jose photo on card #GG8.

Like many other Korean sets, I've rarely found them complete and have had to buy cards as singles. At the moment I only have two cards of this set.

GG01Min-Tae ChungHyundai Unicorns
GG02Dong-Soo KimSamsung Lions
GG03Seung-Yeop LeeSamsung Lions
GG04Jung-Tae ParkLotte Giants
GG05Han-Soo KimSamsung Lions
GG06Ji-Hyun YouLG Twins
GG07Byung-Kyu LeeLG Twins
GG08Felix JoseLotte Giants
GG09Soo-Keun JungDoosan Bears
GG10Dan RohrmeierHanwha Eagles

This set, along with many other Korean sets, can be found HERE at the Trading Card Database.

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