Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Korean Card Companies

A few months ago I submitted several raw Lee Seung-yeop cards to be graded by PSA. Thankfully they came back as 10's and a single 9. These cards were Japanese BBM, a couple US and four Teleca.

Now, I have many more Lee cards to submit but this time they will be recent Korean cards (2014-2016). The Teleca Korean (as PSA calls them) has already graded a few but nothing recent. This is where I will break down the companies that produced cards of the last 15 years or so.

When I asked PSA what they want me to know name these when I submit them, they directed me to the sets listed on, which I uploaded. So, being a PSA collector and knowing they always try to use the company name on cards (i.e. Topps, Donruss, Fleer, etc..) I am in the process of renaming these since I uploaded all these on tradingcarddb without company names. I will also be asking Jason Presley to rename them on tradingcarddb since I don't have the permissions to do so yet.

I plan to submit at least one card from each of my Korean sets so that they are listed in the PSA POP report and Korean cards can have more exposure and be listed in other places. At the moment, I'm not finding any Japanese BBM or Japanese/Korean Teleca on the report, though I saw a 1999 Teleca Lee Seung Yeop months ago.

1992 LG Twins Set

1992 Teleca
1993 Teleca
1994 Teleca
1994 Teleca LG Twins
1997 Teleca LG Twins Phone Cards
1999 Teleca, and subsets
2000 Teleca, and subsets
2001 Teleca

2010 Baseball Trading Card Game

Cass Point
2014 Cass Point

Ntreev Soft & Duael Entertainment (Ntreev Duael)
2014 KBO Super Star Season 1 (SBC01)
2014 KBO Super Star Season 2 (SBC02)
2014 KBO Super Star Season 3 (SBC03)
2014-15 KBO Super Star Blue Edition (SBCBE)
2015 KBO Super Star Season 1 (SBC1501)

SMG Holdings & Ntreev Soft (SMG Ntreev)
2015 KBO Super Star Season 2 (SBC1502)
2015-16 KBO Super Star Gold Edition (SBCGE)
2016 KBO Baseball's Best Players Hell's Fireball (PA01)
2016 KBO Baseball's Best Players Diamond Winners (PA02)
2016 KBO Baseball's Best Players Forever Ace (PA03)
2016 KBO Doosan Bears Collection (16DO)
2016 KBO Samsung Lions Collection (16SA)

KT Wiz
KT Wiz Fan Book set

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