Monday, November 21, 2016

2016 KT Wiz Fanbook and Cards

In 2016, the KT Wiz (Suwon, Korea) released a fanbook with lots of information all about the team which included five random cards. The fanbook costs W15,000 (~$12.50) and can be bought in the team store or their website (잡화 tab). The entire set is 25 cards, which includes four foreigners. The cards come in five colors: red, black, gold, silver and magic and are packaged in a ziplock bag slightly bigger than the cards. Each player only has one card and one color. These cards are also taller and more narrow than your average card. These card numbers were taken from their uniform numbers. NOTE: #12 Sang-Back Um, later changed his jersey number to #12 from #56.

So if you do try to collect the full set of 25 cards, which I may because the two books I bought had no duplicates (10), it will cost you at minimum $75, if you hit no duplicates. If you are able to find others who have duplicates than you may save some money. I have uploaded the set HERE and a video at the bottom of this page.

Here are some of the cards from the set.

Sang-Back Um

Sang-Hyun Kim

Sugar Ray Marimon

Yo-Seop Yoon

Si-Hwan Chang

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