Thursday, May 24, 2018

2017 SCC checklists updated but not entirely complete

This is my most updated checklist for all of the 2017 SCC inserts. The base set and jersey insert set have been uploaded to TCDB here.

Because SCC hasn't released their own, I've had to create them for us. I can only add to them when I see what friends have or what's posted online. I believe I have all rays and facsimile autos listed but I have to go back to confirm. I am short one rookie.

Facsimile Auto / 팩스 오토 (63, 완전한?)

SCC-01-DS02/SN Kang-Ryul Kim
SCC-01-DS03/SN Won-Jun Jang
SCC-01-DS07/SN Hyun-Seung Lee
SCC-01-DS09/SN Hyun-Ho Lee
SCC-01-DS10/SN Deok-Ju Ham
SCC-01-DS11/SN Yoo-Hee Kwon
SCC-01-DS13/SN Eui-Ji Yang
SCC-01-DS19/SN Joo-Hwan Choi
SCC-01-DS20/SN Soo-Haeng Jo
SCC-01-DS22/SN Jin-Ho Jung
SCC-01-HH01/SN Soo-Chang Shim
SCC-01-HH05/SN Jae-Young Kim
SCC-01-HH14/SN Kyung-Hak Kang
SCC-01-HH15/SN Kwang-Min Song
SCC-01-HH16/SN Ju-Suk Ha
SCC-01-HH21/SN Sung-Yul Lee
SCC-01-KA05/SN Se-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-KA06/SN Jin-Tae Park
SCC-01-KA10/SN Gi-Yeong Im
SCC-01-KT16/SN Dong-Wook Kim
SCC-01-KT17/SN Chi-Hong An
SCC-01-KT13/SN Woo-Jun Shim
SCC-01-KT14/SN Kyung-Su Park
SCC-01-LG06/SN Jung-Rak Shin
SCC-01-LG09/SN Dae-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-LG10/SN Ji-Yong Kim
SCC-01-LG11/SN Kang-Nam Yoo
SCC-01-LG16/SN Jae-Yul Kim
SCC-01-LG18/SN Suk-Hwan Yang
SCC-01-LG19/SN Seung-Ho Kang
SCC-01-LG20/SN Ik-Hun An
SCC-01-LT01/SN Seung-Lak Son
SCC-01-LT03/SN Se-Woong Park
SCC-01-LT04/SN Won-Jung Kim
SCC-01-LT05/SN Jin-Hyung Park
SCC-01-LT06/SN Jang-Ho Bae
SCC-01-LT10/SN A-Seop Son
SCC-01-LT13/SN Kyu-Hyun Moon
SCC-01-NC02/SN Soo-Ho Yoon
SCC-01-NC04/SN Jong-Hyun Won
SCC-01-NC09/SN Chang-Mo Koo
SCC-01-NC20/SN Seok-Hun Ji
SCC-01-NX01/SN Hyun-Hee Han
SCC-01-NX04/SN Jae-Young Shin
SCC-01-NX10/SN Won-Tae Choi
SCC-01-NX12/SN Dong-Won Park
SCC-01-NX15/SN Ji-Soo Kim
SCC-01-NX16/SN Ha-Seong Kim
SCC-01-NX17/SN Geon-Chang Seo
SCC-01-NX20/SN Tae-Wan Kim
SCC-01-SS11/SN Chung-Yeon Choi
SCC-01-SS15/SN Boung-Gon Jeung
SCC-01-SS21/SN Hun-Gon Kim
SCC-01-SK04/SN Kwang-Eun Moon
SCC-01-SK05/SN Byung-Yong Chei
SCC-01-SK08/SN Hee-Soo Park
SCC-01-SK09/SN Jong-Hun Park
SCC-01-SK10/SN Ju-Han Kim
SCC-01-SK12/SN Seung-Wook Park
SCC-01-SK14/SN Sung-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-SK19/SN Yong-Ho Cho
SCC-01-SK21/SN Soo-Kwang Ro
SCC-01-SK23/SN Dong-Yeop Kim

Ray / 레아이 (50, 완전한?)

SCC-01-DS01/R Kun-Woo Park
SCC-01-DS03/R Won-Jun Jang
SCC-01-DS04/R Hee-Kwan Yoo
SCC-01-DS10/R Deok-Ju Ham
SCC-01-DS18/R Jae-Il Oh
SCC-01-HH01/R Soo-Chang Shim
SCC-01-HH10/R Woo-Ram Jung
SCC-01-HH15/R Kwang-Min Song
SCC-01-HH19/R Jin-Hang Choi
SCC-01-KA05/R Gi-Yeong Im
SCC-01-KA17/R Chi-Hong An
SCC-01-KA18/R Hyoung-Woo Choi
SCC-01-KA21/R Ji-Wan Na
SCC-01-KA22/R Myung-Ki Lee
SCC-01-KT02/R Sang-Hwa Lee
SCC-01-KT05/R Jae-Yoon Kim
SCC-01-KT17/R Suk-Min Yoon
SCC-01-KT23/R Jin-Young Lee
SCC-01-LG04/R Woo-Chan Cha
SCC-01-LG05/R Chan-Heon Jeong
SCC-01-LG13/R Ji-Hwan Oh
SCC-01-LG15/R Yong-Taik Park
SCC-01-LG17/R Hyung-Jong Lee
SCC-01-LT01/R Seung-Lak Son
SCC-01-LT03/R Se-Woong Park
SCC-01-LT13/R Kyu-Hyun Moon
SCC-01-LT15/R Dae-Ho Lee
SCC-01-LT16/R Dong-Han Kim
SCC-01-LT19/R Jun-Woo Jeon
SCC-01-NC03/R Chang-Min Lim
SCC-01-NC07/R Jin-Sung Kim
SCC-01-NC12/R Min-Woo Park
SCC-01-NC13/R Chang-Min Mo
SCC-01-NC18/R Sung-Bum Na
SCC-01-NC21/R Jong-Wook Lee
SCC-01-NX02/R Ju-Won Oh
SCC-01-NX08/R Bo-Geun Lee
SCC-01-NX10/N Won-Tae Choi
SCC-01-NX13/R Jae-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-NX16/R Ha-Seong Kim
SCC-01-SS01/R Sung-Hwan Yun
SCC-01-SS04/R Pill-Joon Jang
SCC-01-SS17/R Han-Wool Kang
SCC-01-SS22/R Hae-Min Park
SCC-01-SK03/R Jung-Bae Park
SCC-01-SK09/R Jong-Hun Park
SCC-01-SK13/R Ju-Hwan Na
SCC-01-SK16/R Jeong Choi
SCC-01-SK20/R Dong-Min Han
SCC-01-SK24/R Eui-Yoon Jung

Rookie / 루키 (22, 1장 없는?)

SCC-01-DS08/RO Young-Ha Lee
SCC-01-DS11/RO Chi-Guk Park
SCC-01-KA06/RO Jin-Tae Park
SCC-01-KA16/RO Won-Jun Choi
SCC-01-KT03/RO Hee-Woon Ryu
SCC-01-LG09/RO Dae-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-LG16/RO Jae-Yul Kim
SCC-01-LG19/RO Seung-Ho Kang
SCC-01-LT12/RO Sa-Hoon Kim
SCC-01-LT20/RO Kyung-Min Na
SCC-01-NC11/RO Gwang-Yeol Park
SCC-01-NX06/RO Young-Sam Yoon
SCC-01-NX07/RO Seong-Min Kim
SCC-01-NX11/RO Hyo-Sang Joo
SCC-01-NX18/RO Jung-Hoo Lee
SCC-01-NX22/RO Jung-Heop Huh
SCC-01-SS05/RO Seung-Hyun Kim
SCC-01-SS11/RO Chung-Yeon Choi
SCC-01-SS13/RO Jeong-Woong Kwon
SCC-01-SK19/RO Yong-Ho Cho
SCC-01-SK22/RO Jin-Gi Jeong

Jersey / 저지 (10, 완전한)

SCC-01-DS23/JE Jae-Hwan Kim
SCC-01-HH13/JE Tae-Kyun Kim
SCC-01-KA11/JE Hyeong-Jong Yang
SCC-01-KT06/JE Young-Pyo Ko
SCC-01-LG04/JE Woo-Chan Cha
SCC-01-LT10/JE A-Seop Son
SCC-01-NC18/JE Sung-Bum Na
SCC-01-NX17/JE Geon-Chang Seo
SCC-01-SS23/JE Ja-Wook Koo
SCC-01-SK16/JE Jeong Choi

Limited / 리미테드 (50, 41 없는)

SCC-01-DS04/LM Yoo-Hee Kwon
SCC-01-KA11/LM Hyeong-Jong Yang
SCC-01-KT06/LM Young-Pyo Ko
SCC-01-KT17/LM Suk-Min Yoon
SCC-01-KT24/LM Han-Joon Yoo
SCC-01-LG13/LM Ji-Hwan Oh
SCC-01-NC03/LM Chang-Min Lim
SCC-01-NX01/LM Hyeon-Hee Han
SCC-01-SS01/LM Sung-Hwan Yoon
SCC-01-SK18/LM Kang-Min Kim

Real Autos / 오토(Qty unknown)

SCC-01-DS13/SN Eui-Ji Yang
SCC-01-HH15/SN Kwang-Min Song
SCC-01-KA05/SN Gi-Young Lim
SCC-01-LG06/SN Jung-Rak Shin
SCC-01-LG10/SN Ji-Yong Kim
SCC-01-LG18/SN Suk-Hwan Yang
SCC-01-LT01/SN Seung-Lak Son
SCC-01-LT03/SN Se-Woong Park
SCC-01-LT06/SN Jang-Ho Bae
SCC-01-NC02/SN Soo-Ho Yoon
SCC-01-NC09/SN Chang-Mo Koo
SCC-01-SK12/SN Seung-Wook Park
SCC-01-SK21/SN Soo-Kwang Ro

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