Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lee submission received by PSA

My submission was received on 8/1/18 by PSA. It included 128 Seung-Yeop Lee cards and 1 Min-Ho Kang /10 auto card. I feel a vast majority should be 9s and 10s (as I received them from Japan) but who knows. I do know some aren't perfect, like relic cards with snowy corners. I wanted to have all of his cards slabbed for the registry and most will be POP 1s, so I am excited about that. A friend even suggested that I contact the Samsung Lions to display them at a later date, if I ever receive them in hand. Samsung had a tribute to Lee after he retired after the 2017 season so I have a feeling they would pass on the idea simply because the tribute already happened.

I am working on another sub that I need to mail off by the end of the month to get the 50-card sub pricing, which is rumored to end this month. The 50-card sub would include more Lees, other Korean rookies, and some of my PCs like Mattingly, Buehrle and knuckleballers for a friends collection. I am also trying to purchase some of the 1999 Teleca sub-set rookies for Lee as well as a few other cards of his that I was missing.

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