Friday, October 27, 2017

2017 NC Dinos Calendar Cards

I bought this about two weeks ago. It is the 2017 NC Dinos Calendar. The calendar comes with 13 cards,12 of which are NC players. These cards are postcard size and have images on both the front and back. There is no text on the back and unnumbered. I have added these to Trading Card Database and uploaded the checklist and cards here.

The calendar/cards was W18,000 on the NC Dinos online shop.

Keum-Kang Choi
Seon-Guk Kim
Tae-Gun Kim
Hee-Dong Kwon
Ho-Jun Lee
Jong-Wook Lee
Chang-Min Lim
Sung-Bum Na
Min-Woo Park
Suk-Min Park
Si-Heon Son
Jong-Hyun Won

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