Monday, March 6, 2017

2000 Lotte Giants Phone Cards

With the help of Dave over at Japanese Baseball Cards, who also collects Korean cards, he pointed me in the direction to pick up my first phone cards. I just started looking at these closely and will try to find out which company released these. I'm leaning towards calling these "Seoul International Phone Call" because it's in bold on the back with a logo. These are super unique and I'm very happy to have these now. I appreciate Dave giving me a heads up.

I'm not sure when these were released, if these only came in Lotte Giants players, or how many there are. There are no names listed on the cards, only the player photo and a facsimile auto. The expiration date for these cards was 4/30/2000 so I wouldn't be surprised if these were released in 1999. I used my 1999 and 2000 Teleca set uploads at Trading Card Database to identify the players.

#12 Sung-Woo Kang

#3 Dae-Ik Kim

#28 Hyung-Kwang Joo

#27 Ki-Moon Choi

#75 Dong-Hwan Moon

#0 Pil-Sung Kong

#17 Weung-Kook Kim


  1. Those are pretty cool. How big are they and what material are they printed on? At some point I would love to start collecting Japanese telephone cards, but they are so darn expensive for what they are. Congrats on the pick up!

  2. Wish I could answer you but I dont have them in my posession. A friend holds my US purchases for me then ships later in a bigger package. He also submits cards to PSA for me.

    Im pretty sure they are made of thin plastic and Id guess maybe the same height and narrower as a normal card.