Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 team sets

Today, I just saw on Gmarket a new release of cards. This time it appears each team has a box set but at the moment Ive only seen boxes for Doosan and Samsung at W24,000 each. Looking at the Samsung box and cards on the site, the start of the card number is labeled SBC-16SA (SA for Samsung as it has been in the Baseball's Best Players sets.) I saw a box for Doosan and I can verify the Doosan cards being labeled SBC-16DO...

This Samsung box has Normal (N), All Star (AS), Big Star (BS), Super Star (SS), Super Piece (SP) and Super Auto (SA). It appears a mini poster (or 4?) is included in the box.

For W24,000 I certainly hope it's a complete team set of each type of card, except serial'd cards which Im guessing will need to be acquired with additional boxes. Since Samsung is my adopted Korean team, I will purchase a box and post the results, hopefully within two weeks.

2016 Samsung Lions team set

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